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Dr. Luc Bussière


Works at – Lecturer at the University of Stirling

Teaches – Advancing in Statistical Modelling Using R (ADVR)

– Introduction to Statistics and R for Biologists (IRFB)

Luc’s research involves estimating fitness landscapes to test hypotheses about how historical selection has favoured diversification, especially for expensive phenotypic traits such as sexually selected ornaments. Because selection operates on many traits simultaneously, and because phenotypic traits often covary, determining which traits affect fitness is quite challenging, especially when using observational datasets from studies of wild populations. Consequently, Luc has had to learn a number of advanced inferential techniques.

Knowing the importance of mastering these methods, Luc has developed new graduate and undergraduate courses in statistics. These have provided students with valuable analytical skills for both data-rich biological research and industry. His course focus on the practical needs of modern ecologists and evolutionary biologists, and exploit his experience as a scientist, supervisor, editor and teacher.

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