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Dr. Jeroen Minderman


Works at – The biological and environmental sciences department at the University of Stirling

Teaches – Introduction to Statistics and R for Biologists (IRFB)

Jeroen’s main interests are in behavioural ecology and conservation biology, and ornithology in particular. Specifically, he is interested in understanding and predicting behavioural responses to environmental change (anthropogenic or otherwise) in a range of species and systems.

His current fellowship at the University of St Andrews focuses on linking behavioural responses to different stressors or risks, to physiological stress responses, and previous post docs have been as diverse as quantifying the effects of wind turbines on birds and bats, and developing models for prioritising conservation investments.

All of Jeroen’s work has a strong quantitative basis, and he is particularly interested in the presentation of statistical analyses (including mixed-effects modelling, IT approaches, Bayesian statistics and simulation modelling) as used in biology.

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