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Network analysis for ecologists using R (NTWA03)

6th May 2019 - 10th May 2019

£300.00 - £600.00

Course overview:

The first graphical representation of a food web dates back to 1880, with the pioneering works of Lorenzo Camerano. Since then, research on ecological networks has further developed and ecology is one of the fields that contributed the most to the growth of network science. Nowadays, ecologists routinely apply network analysis with a diverse set of objectives that range from studying the stability of ecological communities to quantifying energy flows in ecosystems.

The course is intended to provide the participants theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the study of food webs. First, lessons and exercises will introduce basic principles of network theory. Second, ecological examples will be focused on binary food webs, networks depicting who eats whom in ecosystems. Algorithms quantifying either global food web properties or single species features within the trophic network will be introduced. Third, we will study how the architecture of the food webs can be used to investigate robustness to biodiversity loss, thus helping to predict cascading extinction events. Fourth, ecosystem network analysis (ENA), a suite of matrix manipulation routines for the study of energy/matter circulation in ecosystems, will be presented. Then, we will apply the qualitative algorithm of loop analysis to describe how the impacts of perturbations (e.g. overfishing, species invasion and global warming) may propagate through food web structure. Finally, we will learn how to visualize food web graphs to illustrate their features in an intuitive and fancy way.

Intended Audience

Research postgraduates, practicing academics in ecology, specifically food webs and professionals in government and industry.

VenueMyuna Bay Sport and Recreation, Wangi Road, Myuna Bay, New South Wales 2264 Australia,Google MapThe nearest train station is Dora Creek railway station, Address: Dora Creek NSW 2264, Australia, it is located on the Main Northern line in New South Wales, Australia. It serves the City of Lake Macquarie town of Dora Creek. It is a 5 minute drive from the centre so a short affordable taxi ride.
Availability – 24 places
Duration – 5 days
Contact hours – Approx. 37 hours
ECT’s – Equal to 3 ECT’s
Language – English


• COURSE ONLY – Includes lunch and refreshments.
• ACCOMMODATION PACKAGE (to be purchased in addition to the course only option) – Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments. Accommodation is multiple occupancy (max 3 people) single sex en-suite rooms. Arrival Monday 11th PM and departure Friday15th PM.

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Dr. Marco Scotti


Teaching Format
Course Programme


6th May 2019
10th May 2019
£300.00 - £600.00


Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation
Wangi Road,
Myuna Bay,, New South Wales 2264 Australia
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24 available
NTWA03 'COURSE ONLY'£600.00'COURSE ONLY' £600.00 (approx. $1100 AUD) Places 1-24
24 available
NTWA03 ‘ACCOMMODATION PACKAGE’£300.00'ACCOMMODATION PACKAGE'’ £300.00 (approx. $540 AUD) Places 1-24