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PRIVATE COURSE – Adapting to the recent changes in R spatial packages (sf, terra, PROJ library) (PROJ01)

6 September 2021 - 10 September 2021

This is a ‘PRIVATE COURSE’ – this course is being delivered privately for an institute, if you would like to attend a public edition of this course please email oliverhooker@prstatistics.com. Alternatively, if you would like any of our courses delivered privately for your institue, please, again please email oliverhooker@prstatistics.com.

Course overview:

R statistical software is becoming increasingly popular for spatial analysis and mapping. This is partially due to a large number of R packages devoted to applying various spatial methods. These packages, however, are being revised, updated, or even superseded to allow for better performance, simpler user interface, or expanded capabilities. Substantial recent changes in R spatial packages include developing the ‘sf’ package as a successor of ‘sp’, creation of `terra` as a successor of `raster`, and establishing the `stars` package. Additionally, all of these packages were affected by the recent major updates of the PROJ library. In this course, we will learn to use key packages for the analysis of spatial data, both vector (‘sf’) and raster (‘terra’), and see how they differ from their older counterparts, ‘sp’ and ‘raster’. Another important aspect of the course will be to understood spatial projections and coordinate systems, how the recent PROJ changes affect R users, and how to adjust to them.

By the end of the course, participants should:

  • Understand the basic concepts behind spatial analysis ecosystem in R
  • Know how packages such as sp/rgeos/rgdal/raster differ from their successors sf/terra/star
  • Be able to switch from using packages such as sp/rgeos/rgdal/raster to sf/terra/stars
  • Understood the basic concepts behind spatial projections, and how PROJ.7 differs from PROJ4
  • Know how to deal with coordinate reference systems in R
  • Have the confidence to switch from PROJ4 to PROJ7 (i.e., for instance, adjusting old scripts based on PROJ4)?


Intended Audience

  • Academics and post-graduate students working on projects related to spatial data
  • Applied researchers and analysts in public, private or third-sector organizations who need the reproducibility, speed and flexibility of a command-line language such as R for spatial data analysis
  • Current R users wanting to update your knowledge, including switch from using `sp` to `sf`, and from `raster` to `terra`

The course is designed for intermediate R users interested in understanding modern tools for spatial data analysis in R and R beginners who have prior experience with geographic data and other spatial software.

Venue – Delivered remotely

Time zone – NA

Availability – NA

Duration – 2 full days

Contact hours – Approx. 14 hours

ECT’s – Equal to 1 ECT

Language – English

PLEASE READ – CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations are accepted up to 28 days before the course start date subject to a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellations later than this may be considered, contact oliverhooker@prstatistics.com. Failure to attend will result in the full cost of the course being charged. In the unfortunate event that a course is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances a full refund of the course fees will be credited.

Dr. Jakub Nowosad


Teaching Format
Course Programme


6 September 2021
10 September 2021
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Delivered remotely (Poland)
Central European Summer Time, Poland + Google Map