What We Provide

  • Data management and data handling
  • Data analysis and visualisation
  • Data collection
  • Advice on experimental design
  • Impact and risk assessment
  • Application of artificial intelligence (machine learning) in data analysis
  • Specialisation in spatial and temporal data


  • Person working in industry (data collection, data analysis, report preparation)
  • Persons in academia


  • Corporate companies
  • Grant applications

Our Consultants

PR statistics consultancy draws on the expertise from the instructors who teach for its sister company PR statistics.

PR statistics has over 50 instructors who specialise in almost every aspect of statistics.

Although PR statistics is primarily focused on data with an ecological component, their instructors have the skills and experience in handling, analysing, interpreting and offering advice and guidance in all areas of statistics.

Some instructors have a background in ecology but have chosen a route more focused on statistics, whilst others have a background in statistics but have chosen to specialise in the field of ecology due to the complicated and challenging data often collected from field studies and research of a molecular nature. Because of this PR statistics consultancy is in an ideal position to find the correct consultant for your data!

Email   –    consultancy@prstatistics.com   –   with any enquiries