About PR Statistics

PR~statistics acts as a coordinator, we are aimed at connecting and developing scientists, ecologists, biologists and statisticians to generate sound research based science through carefully designed courses. The courses provided are aimed at graduate, post-graduate and persons at early stages of their post-doctoral careers, as well as ecologists and biologists within various organisations. The courses provided are based around various software packages specifically developed for analysing ecological, biological and evolutionary data. The skills acquired will help participants at all stages of research science, from formulating hypothesis, data acquisition, to analysing data and producing both scientifically written work as well as reports.

Since running its first course in December 2014 PR~statistics has delivered a further 25 courses and workshops, providing training for 593 scientists from 214 different academic institutes, government organisations and industry; spanning 44 countries. A majority of these 593 people are PhD students, (N=342), but we also receive a lot of applicants from Dr’s already in research and academia, (N=220) and Prof’s who are further on in their career (N=31).

A full list of all our current courses is given below. More detailed information on each of the courses can be accessed by scrolling through our courses page. This will provide additional information regarding dates, cost and availability for each course along with link to further details on the instructors and the venue (including directions) and past participant’s comments. You can search different courses by instructor, in case they specialise in the same field of research as you or if you are interested to see what other courses they provide, this can also be done by venue to help you find courses closest to you.

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Animal movement ecology (ANME)

Aquatic telemetery data analysis using R (ATDR)